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eSettlement Solutions

eSettlement Solutions was founded by Joel L. Steinberg and Lawrence Allan Arch, two attorneys with decades of experience in the title and lending fields of law. As principals and executives in several real estate and finance related Mid-Atlantic companies, the two saw a need to combine everything they'd learned overseeing thousands of closings with a higher level of integrity and customer service, and make the power and convenience of the Internet an integral part of the process.

By offering paperless/electronic settlements, as well as traditional settlements, eSettlement Solutions can work with lenders, brokers, agents, buyers and sellers in the way that's most convenient and comfortable for each party. Participants who prefer paper documents can have them. Participants who want the speed, convenience and savings of electronic processing can choose to go paperless. All data is protected and encrypted to the highest industry standards, so every transaction is secure.

When the actual settlement arrives, participants can gather in the same room, use eSettlement Solutions' facilities to settle using paper or electronically, or settle anywhere that Internet access is available. The buyer, seller, real estate agents and settlement officer can be in five different places.

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